Why 888 Casino Is One of Our Top Choices of Online Casinos

We’d be very surprised if you knew how many online casinos there are. We lost count at about one thousand. The fact that there are many however doesn’t mean that they are all good. 888 Casino is one of the few that have been around for a long time that we would recommend.

You have to be very careful when providing any of your private or financial information online. So, choosing where you spend your time playing games for real money, requires some insight about where to play. It’s not as important which games you play, as it is where you are playing them.

Some casinos look beautiful and have all of the games you want to play. But they’re terms are difficult to understand or predatory in nature. Some have attractive bonuses that, in the end, don’t benefit you unless you’re a big spender.

888 casino

You need to have a clear and realistic perspective on the value that online casinos can add to your life. We believe playing casino games online should be the most fun you can have without leaving your home. But that’s not easy to do when you need to scour the internet and analyze hundreds of sites before you find a suitable one.

We do what we do to take away this trouble from you. We spend countless hours using our years of expertise in this industry to find the best sources for you. So, you can sit back, choose from our selection and enjoy it.

We take all of the guesswork out of it, so you can feel safe, secure, and confident to play real money games online.

We decided to have a look at the popular site 888 Casino and are happy to be able to recommend this site to you.

Here’s What We Looked for at 888 Online

At 888 Casino as with all of the websites we review, we put safety and security at the top of the list. As far as we are concerned, nothing else matters if a website doesn’t meet our standards for being fair and trustworthy. That is why it’s the very first thing we look for.

888 Casino is on par with the best online casinos by being committed to providing a secure environment for online gaming. They use the same encryption technology as most banks and major financial institutions. So, we can check this first item off our list.

Next, we ensure that 888 Casino uses random number generators to provide fair play to every user. A random number generator is a computer software attached to games to ensure that each result that comes up is 100% random. Slots games, in particular, rely on this technology to provide a fair chance on every spin.

Lastly, we spent our time going through all of the major offerings on the site. We tried out the live casino options, many games in the huge selection and claiming bonuses and promotions. So, we could be in a position to provide the information you need before you play.

We were quite happy with every aspect at 888 Casino, the selection did not disappoint, and the interface was well designed. Games load quickly and run very smoothly. The promotions were well worth signing up for, and most of all, it was fun!

One of the things that happen when you test out as many sites as we do is, we start to see things purely technically. But 888 Casino managed to be a lot of fun despite this small drawback and for that, we are thankful.

Navigating the Website

It was very easy to get around on the website, not that it should be any other way. But believe it or not, some websites are so difficult, you have to go through multiple menus to find what you need. This was not the case on 888 Casino.

 The design of the site was well thought out and provided everything we need quickly and efficiently.

The home page includes thumbnails of popular selections you might be interested in, that you can click and start playing instantly. You can choose from items like live casinos, slots and jackpots, casino games, slot races and more.

The navigation bar on the left allows you to filter your choices based on popularity, newness, and challenges, etc. You can also access your account, loyalty program, and promotions this way.

Moving from one page to the next was a breeze, as everything loads instantly. They do not bog down the website with useless adds and flash graphics. 888 Casino kept it simple, you don’t have anything in the way of the games you really want to play.

A handy search bar at the very top of the page allows you to search all games for something you may already have in mind.

Last but not least, the color scheme. If I told you a neon green and black interface manages to be relaxing, you probably wouldn’t believe it. But it’s true, somehow 888 Casino managed to make something that is normally jarring to the eyes work beautifully.

We were quite impressed by this aspect. The colors are a refreshing change from the usual over the top colors employed by online casinos.

This Online Casino Boasts an Impressive Selection of Games

Whether you’re a new player or experienced with online games, you probably look for a wide selection. Who doesn’t want to have a ton of choices when playing online games? We are serious when we say that the last thing you should be when playing online casino games is bored.

There is no point in playing online casino games if you find yourself anything less than thrilled. Casino games should be a welcome distraction from your dull everyday routine. But for that to be the case, you need plenty of choices.

Luckily, 888 Casino has plenty of those. You’ll find themed slots games that delight your senses and take you on a world of adventures — feeling extra lucky? Try winning the million-dollar jackpot on some of the thrilling progressive slot games. We can’t know who the next big winner is, it could be me or it could be you.

Just remember, you need to bet the maximum to qualify for the jackpot on progressive slots.

Some people love to stick to what they see in their minds as the classic casino games. That means blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, anything that typically comes along with a table full of friends.

For these games, you can try the usual online games, but we highly recommend the live casino games at 888 Casino. Playing live casino has the benefit of making you feel like you’re part of the action. Well, it’s more than a feeling because, in fact, you are part of the action!

Live casino games are brought to you via live video feeds of games playing out in real-time. You can join in and play just the same as if you were there too.

If we had to choose a favorite thing about 888 Casino, we couldn’t, but the live casino option comes close. It’s clear to see why it’s one of the top sites for casino gaming online. See for yourself and let us know what you think.

3.8 rating
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